California Ghost Hunting Groups

Bender Family Paranormal
web: http://benderparanormal.com
email: classyann1@gmail.com
phone: 916-704-6664
service area: Northern California
Sacramento Paranormal Intuituve Research Investigation Team (S.P.I.R.I.T.)
web: http://www.sacspirit.com
email: Sacspiritmelissa@gmail.com
phone: 916-363-3165
service area: 2.5 hr radius from Sacramento for in person services. No limit for email
Hemet Ghost Hunters
web: http://Hemetghosthunters.com
email: hemetghosthunters@gmail.com
service area: Hemet, Murrieta, Winchester, Temecula Valley, Inland Empire
Paranormal Solutions
web: http://www.paranormal-solutions.weebly.com
email: 1ParanormalSolutions@gmail.com
phone: 6264386482
service area: Central California
San Diego Paranormal Eye
web: http://www.sandiegoparanormaleye.com
email: sdpeinfo@gmail.com
phone: 619-738-1305
service area: Southern California
Scientific Researchers of the Unknown
web: http://srotu.online
email: contact@srotu.online
phone: (916) 534-8753
service area: All of California
TAPS West Coast
web: http://tapswestcoast.com
email: casemanager@tapswestcoast.com
service area: Southern California
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)
web: http://www.cryptic916.com/
email: jazmaonline@gmail.com
phone: 9162037503
service area: Northern California
Central California Paranormal Investigators
web: http://www.ccpifresno.org
email: ccpifresno@aol.com
service area:
Ghost Explorers
web: http://GhostExplorers.org
email: Inquire@ghostexplorers.org
phone: 800-350-5041
service area:
Roland Paranormal Investigations
web: https://sites.google.com/site/rolandparanormalinvestigations/
email: rolandparanormal@gmail.com
phone: 916-990-1827
service area: Sacramento,CA
Ojai Paranormal Investigators
web: http://www.ojaiparanormalinvestigators.com
email: Ojaiparanormal@yahoo.com
phone: 805-798-1215
service area: Ventura, CA
Full Moon Paranormal Research Society
web: http://www.FullMoonPRS.com
email: info@FullMoonPRS.com
service area: Southern California
Amped Paranormal Investigations
web: http://ampedparanormal.com
email: rodney@ampedparanormal.com
phone: face book response usualy within an hour
service area: Bakersfield
Under The Moon Paranormal Research
web: http://www.wix.com/underthemoon/about
email: umpresearch@gmail.com
phone: 209-323-8333
service area: Stockton, CA
South Coast Paranormal
web: http://www.scparanormal.com
email: scpali@ymail.com
phone: 760-420-0758
service area: San Diego, CA
Valley Investigators of the Paranormal
web: http://valleyinvestigatorsoftheparanormal.org
email: erikghost@sbcglobal.net
phone: 818-862-0002
service area: Southern California
Chill Seekers
web: http://ChillSeekers.com
email: ChillSeekers@ymail.com
phone: 209-499-1094
service area: Modesto, CA
Pacific Paranormal Investigations
web: http://pacificparanormal.com
email: bmiller@pacificparanormal.com
phone: 619-727-5310
service area: San Diego, CA
California Haunts Paranormal Investigation Team
web: http://www.californiahaunts.org
email: cesarsghost@yahoo.com
phone: 916-756-7174
service area: Sacramento, Ca
Paranormal West
web: http://paranormalwest.com
email: Dr.Baker@ParanormalWest.com
phone: 562-241-8973
service area: Southern California
Paranormal Research Organization
web: http://pararesearchorg.com
email: pararesearchorg@gmail.com
phone: 562-999-4963
service area: Southern California
Cal~Para Research
web: http://www.calpara.org
email: calpara.investigations@yahoo.com
service area: Southern California
Paranormal Connectionz
web: http://ParanormalConnectionz.com
email: ParanormalConnectionz@gmail.com
service area: Los Angeles
American Paranormal Investigations
web: http://www.ap-investigations.com
email: admin@ap-investigations.com
service area: Northern California
Central Coast Paranormal Investigators
web: http://www.ccpinvestigators.com
email: Mitchflores@ccpinvestigators.com
phone: 8053613277
service area: California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon
Paranormal Research Organization
web: http://pararesearchorg.com
email: pararesearchorg@gmail.com
phone: 562-999-4963
service area: Southern California
Lost Souls Investigations
web: http://lostsoulsinv.com/
email: lostsoulsinv2020@gmail.com
phone: 510-695-5703
service area: All of Northern California
Paranormal Investigators of Southern California
web: http://paranormalinvestigatorsofsocal.org/
email: PISC@sbcglobal.net
service area: Central and Sounthern California
Paranormal Assignment Research Association
web: http://paranormal-assignment.com
email: Info@paranormal-assignment.com
phone: 951-830-1031
service area: All Southern California
Spyro Paranormal Investigations
web: https://www.facebook.com/A122016/
email: calibutch72@aol.com
service area: california nevada
NOPS North Orange County Paranormal Society
web: http://www.nops.us/
email: nopstech@gmail.com
phone: 1 (714) 643-6677
service area: Orange County, Ca, West Coast
San Diego Paranormal Research Society
web: http://www.sandiegoparanormalresearch.com
email: nicolepisd@gmail.com
service area: San Diego
web: http://ghostgirls.org
email: gg@ghost-girls.org
service area: San Jose / SF Bay Area
Orange County Paranormal research and investigation
web: http://ocparanormalresearch.wix.com/ocpri
email: ocparanormalresearch@gmail.com
phone: 7142068272
service area: Orange County Ca.
Paranormal M.I.T.
web: https://paranormalmit.wixsite.com/paranormalmit
email: paranormalmit@gmail.com
phone: 8588885912
service area: Southern CA, NV, and AZ
Absolute Paranormal Investigations Sacramento
web: https://www.absoluteparanormalsacramento.com/
email: Keith651@aol.com
phone: 916 607-9126
service area: Northern California
Lost Souls Investigations
web: http://lostsoulsinv.com
email: ghostwhisperer333@gmail.com
phone: 209-36-1071
service area: california to nevada
Strange Frequencies Paranormal Research
web: https://www.strangefrequencies.org/
email: strangefrequenciesparanormal@gmail.com
service area: Northern California
Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters
web: http://santacruzghosthunters.com
email: santacruzghosthunters@yahoo.com
phone: 8315393761
service area: Central Coast
Southern California Open Observation paranormal society
web: http://ghost-scoops.com
email: lorraine@ghost-scoops.com
service area: San Diego
Scientific Researchers of the Unknown
web: https://srotu.org
email: contact@srotu.org
phone: 9165348753
service area: All of California
Skeleton Crew Paranormal
web: http://www.skeletoncrewparanormal.com
email: skeletoncrewparanormal@gmail.com
phone: 209-809-1952
service area: Northern California
Full Tech Paranormal Investigations
web: http://www.fulltechparanormal.com
email: contact@fulltechparanormal.com
phone: 951-313-1091
service area: United States
Bender Family Paranormal
web: http://benderparanormal.com
email: classyann1@gmail.com
phone: (916)704-6664
service area: Northern California
TCP Paranormal Society
web: https://www.facebook.com/TheChiraProject/
email: crhserenity@gmail.com
phone: 661-400-9719
service area: Antelope Valley, CA
Valley Spirit Communications
web: https://www.facebook.com/RocklinCalifornia/?modal=admin_todo_tour
email: tammypetty@ymail.com
phone: 9162891262
service area: northern california
Valley Paranormal
web: http://www.valleyparanormal.com
email: Valleyparanormal@yahoo.com
service area: Central California
Southern California Open Observation Paranormal Society
web: http://ghost-scoops.com
email: lorraine@ghost-scoops.com
phone: 6193222668
service area: San Diego county
Angels of Light Paranormal Society
web: http://angelsoflightparanormal.yolasite.com/
email: alpsyubasuter@gmail.com
phone: (530) 966-3514
service area: Marysville

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