The Origins of EVP: A Short History 3.5 (2)

Thomas Edison: While it may not be common knowledge, in the 1920s Thomas Edison tried to invent a device capable of communicating with the dead. At the time, Edison wrote: “If our personality survives, then it is strictly logical or scientific to assume that it retains memory, intellect, other faculties, and knowledge that we acquire on this Earth. Therefore ……

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Hunting the dead 0 (0)

Hunting the dead New port Richey, FL   Contact Name Jody dean Phone 727-608-9268  Email  Website  Facebook  Twitter @huntingthedead  Youtube Founder Jody dean Year Founded 2010 Number of Members 1 Areas Served I travel anywhere in the state of Florida  Specialties Paranormal Expert. Warlock. Empath.  Details My name is Jody Dean,…

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Harry Houdini’s mansion 0 (0)

Although Harry Houdini’s mansion burnt down over fifty years ago, people still report seeing his dark form standing on the scorched staircase that survived the fire. Ten years after his death, his wife announced that psychic Arthur Ford had received a secret, coded message by Houdini “from the other side”, but pressures from a Christian group forced…

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