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La Belle Cemetery is a purportedly-haunted cemetery located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. The largest rumor of hauntings at the La Belle is the Nathusius Monument. It stands overlooking Fowler Lake. Manifestation Ghost running into a lake Statue crying blood Blood on statue’s palms Background The cemetery was first built in 1851, and was originally called Henshall Place,…

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La LLorona 5 (1)

“La LLorona, or ‘The Weeping Woman’ is the story of a poor Mexican woman who married a rich Spaniard. After they had children, the Spaniard started losing interest in his wife and was embarrassed to be married to a woman without prestige. In a rage, the woman took all of her children to the river…

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Alabama Paranormal Societies 5 (1)

Alabama Paranormal Societies (82 total):   Society Name City Website A Nested Reality Mobile Website A Voice For The Spirits Irondale Website Alabama Bigfoot Society Wadley Website Alabama Ghost Chasers Winfield Alabama Paranormal Association Gurley Website Alabama Paranormal Consultants Calera Website Alabama Paranormal Consultants Calera Website Alabama Paranormal Research Boaz Website Alabama Paranormal Research Team…

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GhostLand Paranormal Investigators web: email: phone: 9282733053 service area: 86301 Friends of the Other Side web: email: phone: service area: Phoenix, AZ Creatures of the Night Paranormal web: email: phone: 901-486-9871 service area: Southern Arizona Global United Paranormal Foundation web: email: phone: 6025830846 service area: Phoenix Lone Wolf Para Investigations web: email: phone: 323-251-6431 service…

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The infamous Black Eyed Children are beings that resemble eerie kids with pale white skin and pitch black eyes going around asking their victim for seemingly harmless favor. Usually these involve asking the person if they can come in the house or car their victim is currently in. Because they usually have to be invited to come…

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