WHERE: 81 Lighthouse Avenue, St. Augustine, Florida 32080 | WHO: (904) 829-0745


St. Augustine Lighthouse – St. Augustine | Founded in 1565 and considered the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine has also earned a reputation as the most haunted city in Florida. One of the most legendary haunted sites in St. Augustine happens to be the 165-foot-tall St. Augustine Lighthouse, which was constructed in 1874 and features 219 spiral steps to the top. Some visitors to the haunted lighthouse have reported hearing children’s laughter and footsteps (two teenaged children of a lighthouse worker reportedly drowned in the adjacent bay in the late 1800s), while others have heard mysterious voices, smelled cigar smoke, viewed a shadowy figure at the top of the lighthouse and/or run into the so-called “Man in Blue” in the basement of the former lighthouse keeper’s house. The St. Augustine Lighthouse even made several appearances on the now-defunct paranormal reality TV series Ghost Hunters. In addition, Country Living magazine listed the St. Augustine Lighthouse among “25 of the Most Haunted Places in America That Horror Fans Need to Visit.” Other alleged haunted sites in St. Augustine include Castillo de San Marcos, Old Jail, Spanish Military Hospital, Casa Monica Hotel, Flagler College, Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse, Huguenot Cemetery, Casablanca Inn and Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille, among others.

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