The Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Skyway Fog 37377256 Ver1.0

 The Sunshine Skyway Bridge that crosses the Tampa Bay region is considered to be haunted. The 5.5-mile bridge connects St. Petersburg in Pinellas County and Terra Ceia in Manatee County. The current bridge was dedicated on Feb. 7, 1987.

Many things have happened to the bridge over the years. The previous Sunshine Skyway Bridge was hit by a freighter in 1980, collapsing part of it and taking several cars and a Greyhound bus into the bay. Thirty-five people plunged to their deaths. Only one man survived. The ghost bus is seen by folks visiting the fishing pier, which is part of the old bridge. Many said they feel an actual breeze and even catch a whiff of the gasoline from the moving bus.

More than 200 people have jumped from the highest point of the Skyway to their deaths. And some motorists report “a weird unexplained light phenomenon” in the water under the bridge.

The best story is that late at night, motorists have slowed down and some have even stopped to help what appears to be a woman standing alone on the bridge. She has a history of climbing into cars before disappearing from the passenger’s seat.

Tollbooth workers and motorists would see the woman hitchhiking around midnight. Many motorists picked her up and expressed the fact that she becomes extremely nervous in the car, wanting to get to the other side. But she would vanish soon afterward.

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