ROBINSON-ROSE HOUSE 4098 Mason St, San Diego, CA 92110

Robinson Rose House

Judge James W. Robison built had a home built for him in 1853. The building was not only his home but also served as an office for a newspaper and a railroad over the years. Eventually, the ravages of time destroyed the home, leaving nothing.

To preserve some of the history, it was rebuilt in 1987 using old photos of the original building and records. The revamped building sits in historic Old Town and serves as the visitor center.

The Robinson-Rose House not only welcomes visitors but is the home to a host of ghostly and paranormal activity. Ghost hunters and the average visitor have heard footsteps when no one is around and witness the elevator operating without the assistance of anyone.

Some female visitors have felt their hair pulled, and lights have randomly switched on and off.

Apparition and cloudy mists have also been witnessed here!

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