Phillip Taylor Kramer

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Phillip Taylor Kramer was once a member of the successful 1960s rock & roll band Iron Butterfly (known for the hit “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”) before leaving music behind for the world of science. By 1995, Kramer had become a respected aerospace engineer, and allegedly discovered a formula for “transmissions at ‘faster than light’ speed”… which his family believes got him killed. One day in February of 1995, Kramer began making strange phone calls. First he told his wife, “Whatever happens, I’ll always be with you,” then he called  911 and told the dispatcher, “This is Philip Taylor Kramer, and I am going to kill myself.” From there, Kramer disappeared. Four years later, skeletal remains  identified as those of Philip Taylor Kramer were found inside a minivan in Decker Canyon, just outside of Malibu. Police ruled the death of suicide, but Kramer’s family alleges that he was killed for his scientific knowledge.

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