Little girl ghost


It was about six weeks ago and I had woken up it was 3 a.m. my room was almost bitch black except a nightlight for my 8 year old sister I looked up because I saw something out the corner of my eye and there in front of me was a little girl she had on a white nightgown I couldn’t tell where it ended since i had most of my face covered. Her face was so clear I could make out every feature she had brown eyes that looked sad. She had golden blonde curls but looked at me angry she also looked the same age as my sister. We made eye contact and she just stared at me as if she was staring right into my soul. I was so frightened that I put my head back under the covers every so often I would check to see if she was still there It had been another hour before she finally disappeared. The hauntings still continue to this day.


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