Kinnula Humanoid


The Kinnula Humanoid sighting is a extraterrestrial sighting that took place in the evening of February 2, 1971. At approximately 8 pm., two Finnish women, Sinikka Kuittinen and one Mrs. Manninen, were driving from Kuusamo towards Oulu (in a region near Kiiminki) when they spied a strange light behind their car on the right side of the road. After a few moments this mysterious light slipped over the vehicle and began to pace the car on the left side of the road.


The entity was described as a peculiar, helmeted creature that stood approximately 3-feet tall. The enigmatic entity was clad in a greenish-brown suit and crossed the road in front of the two women utilizing a series of small jumps. On the front of the head was a face plate that was described as being akin to that of a scuba diver. Although the creature had arms and legs, the suit gave no indication of hands or fingers.


  • On the snowy, overcast afternoon of February 5, 1971, two Finnish lumberjacks, 21 year-old Petter Aliranta and 18 year-old Esko Juhani Sneck, also had a close encounter with the same entity. The fantastic event began at approximately 3:00 pm. when the young duo — who had spent the morning cutting down trees in the forests near the village of Kangaskyla in Kinnula – decided to call it a day because the overcast conditions were making it too dark to continue.
    • According to their account, Aliranta had just turned off his chainsaw, when he suddenly noticed an odd metallic object hovering at tree-top level. He claimed that it was shaped like “two saucers” on top of each other and was about 15-feet in diameter. At the bottom of the vehicle there were four thin landing legs with rounded bases, which he estimated to be more than 6-feet long. If the craft made any sound it was no doubt overwhelmed by the continued roaring of Sneck’s chainsaw. Aliranta continued to watch as a circular portal opened at the base of the slowly descending ship. Within moments the object landed in a small clearing between the trees, less than 50-feet away from the awestruck lumberjack and his still oblivious comrade.
  • When the “spaceman” exited the craft, Aliranta attempted to capture it, but was surprised to find that the creature’s space suit burned to the touch. The wounds caused by the contact with the boot were, according to reports, still clearly visible two months later.

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