Katie Wheeler Library, 13109 Old Myford Rd, Irvine, CA 92602

Katie Wheeler Library Irvine

The reports of the mysterious lady in blue have been coming in for several decades at the Irvine Ranch House in Orange County.

It has been suggested that she is the spirit of Kathryn Helena Irvine Lillard, who is said to have died in the building at a relatively young age due to some severe complications in childbirth in1920.

The house burned down in the 1960s and was eventually replaced by the Irvine Katie Wheeler Library. Although Kathryn roamed the property for several decades, the librarian says she is unaware of any more recent reports.

Has Kathryn left her home, or is she just keeping out of sight, getting to know the new layout of the place, and waiting for an opportunity to return?

There is also a tall man that various people have seen. It’s believed he’s Kathryn Helena Irvine Lillard’s, Father James H. Irvine. Also, the staff often hear someone singing when no one is there.

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