The Elephantman, also known as the Humanoid Elephant, was an extremely bizarre cryptid hailing from Australia. This creature (or creatures) was spotted in Narrabeen Lake which is in New South Wales, Australia.

The Elephantman was described as being slightly more than 4 feet tall and covered with dark, gray, wrinkly skin like that of an elephant. Its legs and arms were elephant-like, but the creature walked on its hind legs. It has no discernible ears, but it possesses small beady eyes and a large thick trunk or snout like that of an aardvark. It was also described as having a strange, shuffling walk.

Possible Explanations
There are several explanations as to what the creature could be. Theories include:

An undiscovered species (a Cryptid)
A possible hoax
In 1971, there were two fishermen who were fishing on Narrabeen Lake at night. They claimed to have seen a peculiar brutish gray animal with an unusual locomotion as it went through the water. Later that night, an anonymous woman said she was awoken by a horrible gurgling noise. There was no proof it was the same pachyderm creature.
UFO researcher Bill Chalker (when referring to the creature) once noted: “It is interesting that humanoid elephant-headed beings are a major feature of Indian religious mythology — namely ganesha.”

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