EL CAMPO SANTO CEMETERY 2410 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110

El Campo Santo Cemetery

Early settlers of San Diego needed to construct a place to bury the dead. Thus the El Campo Santo Cemetery opened in 1849. Hundreds of people were buried in one of the most haunted places in San Diego.

As the city expanded, living residents decided that the graves could either be moved or built over. One area of the cemetery became the location for a horse-drawn streetcar. The idea sounds nice as it served a purpose; however, the line went directly over 18 graves, eventually paved over.

At one point, there was a considerable amount of paranormal activity at the cemetery. Although it has reduced dramatically, there is still some activity. People have experienced extreme cold spots in the area and cars refusing to start when parking in the cemetery parking lot.

The ghost of a former gravedigger is seen at the cemetery and a young boy who appears to be trapped and confused.

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