Easter Island’s Rongorongo Writings

Easter Island S Rongorongo Writings Photo U1

Easter Island has many strange mysteries associated with it, and the large moai statues are the most famous. However, some people that the entire island was once used by extraterrestrials as a means to communicate as well. But there is still another strange mystery linked to the famous Polynesian lands – an intricate series of glyphs believed to be writing or proto-writing, an earlier form of communication based on symbols rather than characters.

First discovered by Eugene Eyraud in 1864, the glyphs are said to go back to around 1200, and feature imagery similar to that of other religious signs found in the area. To date, scientists have not been able to determine exactly what the glyphs say or link them to any outside cultures. The symbols were carved on wood using small obsidian flakes or shark teeth. Assuming that Rongorongo is indeed a form of writing, it would be a fascinating example of an entirely unique language that formed independently by itself on an isolated island.

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