Cropsey of Staten Island


According to this creepy tale, “Cropsey” lurked beneath the abandoned Willowbrook State School for children. In some versions of the tale, Cropsey was an ax murderer; in others, he was a monstrous boogeyman. In both, he was a murderous creeper hunting for lost children. And, sadly, he was based on a real murderous creeper. His name was Andre Rand, and he worked as a janitor at the Willowbrook State School before it shut down in 1987. After that, he continued living on the grounds of the school and is suspected to be responsible for the disappearances of several children. Though this was never proven to be true, he was found guilty of kidnapping in 1988 and again in 2004. There is even a documentary called Cropsey that examines the truth about the man and the myth.

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