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Zero Milestone 5 (1)

This big six foot diameter coquina sphere in St. Augustine, sits beside A1A near the visitor center. Perhaps you’ve seen it and wondered “What’s that big stone ball?” It’s the Zero Milestone that was placed here in 1929 to mark the eastern end of the Old Spanish Trail that ran from St. Augustine all the…

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Ossuary creation 5 (2)

The need to eliminate Les Innocents gained urgency from May 31, 1780, when a basement wall in a property adjoining the cemetery collapsed under the weight of the mass grave behind it. The cemetery was closed to the public and all intra muros (Latin: “within the [city] walls”) burials were forbidden after 1780. The problem…

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Big Tree 3 (1)

Longwood’s Big Tree at 3500 years old is the oldest living thing in Florida. Towering 126 feet the huge cypress, nicknamed the “Senator,” has a girth of 47 feet and contains an estimated 50,000 feet of lumber. Think about it, this gentle giant was an adult tree before the birth of Christ and although it…

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Glimpses of the Afterlife 0 (0)

By Stephen Wagner Updated on 05/24/19 The belief that there’s another life awaiting us after our mortal existence ends is widely held and predates recorded history. While cultures such as the ancient Egyptians believed existence continued in “the Land of the Dead,” modern Christian beliefs offer an afterlife in Heaven as a reward—or in Hell as a punishment….

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