09 Of The Spookiest Urban Legends From Every State

Florida: Captain Tony’s 4 (1)

Since 1852, Captain Tony’s, the oldest saloon in Key West, has been known to be haunted: doors slam for no apparent reasons and there are inexplicable banging noises and frequent ghostly visitations. Perhaps that’s because it’s the site of the town’s original morgue and was built around a tree that the town once used for hanging pirates!

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07 Of The Spookiest Urban Legends From Every State

Connecticut: Dudleytown 0 (0)

The misfortunes that have occurred in Dudleytown are so terrible and numerous that its nickname is “the Village of the Damned.” The now completely deserted town is said to have been home to many suicides, disappearances, and even demonic activity. It is believed that the founders of the village—and by extension, the village itself—are forever cursed….

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