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Afterlife- The belief that the human soul or spirit survives after it leaves the body from cause of death. How the spirit survives will depend on which culture you are referring to. All Hollows Eve(Halloween) – This day of dressing up in costumes and passing out candy on October 31st started out as a pagan…

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Orbs 3 (1)

Orbs- True orbs are spirits of the deceased (both human and animal) in the form of spheres, or balls of light that can hover and fly at will. Orbs can be transparent or translucent and can be seen in photos and videos. They usually can’t be seen by the human eye alone. Some say you…

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While it’s fairly common to label the Egyptian pyramids the stuff of “ancient mysteries,” it’s something entirely new to discover similar structures all around the world. Such is the case with the Pyramids of Argolis, Greece, and their most famous structure, the Hellenikon Pyramid. The true purpose of the Hellenikon remains unknown, although experts have theorized that a battle once took place at the site,…

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Western Bolivia’s Sajama lines are a series of massive drawings etched into the earth, numbering into the thousands. First discovered in 1932 by Aimé Felix Tschiffely, the lines, between 3 to 10 feet wide individually, connect about 8,700 square miles via an intricate web-like design. Because of this, they are not only the largest archeological site in the Andes,…

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Going all the way back to the 3rd millennium BCE is the Sumerian King List, a listing of all Sumer kings, their respective dynasties, locations, and times in power. While this may not seem like too much of a mystery, it’s what is inscribed along with the list of kings that makes it so interesting. There are mythological…

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