Alien Abduction Video: Kelly Cahill Alien Abduction


Kelly Cahill was a normal wife and mother from Australia right up until she got in the car with her husband on August 8, 1993 and they started to make a late night trip home through the Dandenongs foothills.

Out of nowhere Kelly Cahill was struck by the appearance of bright lights and a strange object in the sky. The possible UFO flew so close to the car that Kelly Cahill was traveling in that she was able to see the figures of what she latter knew to be aliens standing at the windows of the UFO.

Kelly Cahill’s husband continued to drive the car and suddenly Kelly went limp in the passenger seat only to ‘wake up’ minutes later. It was during that brief time that she blacked out that Kelly Cahill believes she became a victim of alien abduction.

It was in the time after Kelly Cahill returned home from her car journey that her body started to act strangely. Her reproductive system started to go nuts and scars and markings of various strange shapes began to appear on her body.

It was only when Kelly Cahill decided to speak out to the police about her alien abduction that she learned that there were other people on the same night that also claimed to have not only seen the UFO that she saw but also claimed to have been victims of alien abduction.

Without having met each other, both Kelly Cahill and the other alien abductees all drew pictures of the UFO that were pretty much the same alien craft. They also spoke of very similar aliens beings and the tales of what happened during their alien abductions were almost exactly the same.

In this alien abduction video you can watch Kelly Cahill speaks for herself and tell the story of her alien abduction in her own words.



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