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Typical Haunting Phenomena

WE GET THIS QUESTION A LOT. "What are the symptoms of a haunting?" There are many. This is a list of perceptual symptoms (as opposed to measurements taken with an EMF meter or IR thermometer).
This is by far the most well-known type of symptom. As human beings, we rely more on our sight for perceptual input, so I tend to believe that this is the reason why we "look" for this kind of symptom.

Hazes or mists
Orbs (yes, they can be seen with the naked eye sometimes)
Shadows and shapes, often seen out of the corner of the eye, but sometimes seen in the center of your vision
You think you see someone you know, only to find out they were somewhere else entirely
This is the second most well-known of the haunting symptoms, and it comes in a variety of forms.

Names whispered or spoken out loud when no one is around, often mistaken for the voice of a friend or family member (often the mother, but could be any member of the family, or a friend)
One or more voices heard where no one is present
May be intelligible or unintelligible
May be discussion, may be an argument
Children's laughter, babies' cries, animal sounds, etc., when none are around
Sounds of items being moved or broken, only to find everything in its proper place and intact
Sounds of musical instruments, radios, records, or televisions playing when they are not (in the case of musical instruments, there are often none of that variety present)

Many people think that different smells represent different spirits, but that may not necessarily be the case. Many spirits will emit a smell that was commonly happyociated with them in life. So, if your best friend had bad BO, he may stink, but he's still your best friend, and not necessarily an evil spirit. This smell could be anything from their favorite perfume, to their favorite flower.

Cold spots with no explanation – the ghost is absorbing heat energy (endothermic)
Hot spots with no explanation – the ghost is expelling heat energy (exothermic)
Textures – you may feel skin (usually clammy) in the form of a hand grabbing you, or fur, as in a cat rubbing against your bare leg, etc.
I use the term "kinetic" to refer to those experiences where the activity involves a more obvious change to the physical world. They can run the gamut of human possibility, but here is a short list:

Items being moved a measurable distance
Thrown across the room
Slid across a surface, sometimes right off that surface
Items are hidden from the residents or their guests. About 50% of the time these items will turn up some time later in very bizarre locations. It wouldn't be surprising for the hairbrush you used this morning to turn up in a trunk that's been locked for the past 3 years.
Mechanical equipment/fixtures activated without anyone living being near them (toilets flushing, sinks/showers turning on and off, light switches flipping themselves on – see electrical below, drawers and doors opening/closing, locks engaging/disengaging)


Almost any electrical appliance can be affected by a spirit.
TV/radio/stereo turns on and off without living influence
Fans and lights turn on and off without the switch being flipped (if the switch is flipped, that's kinetic)
Perfectly "healthy" appliances go on the fritz – even short out
Remote operated toys, like RC cars, operate on their own – we've even seen one steer itself down a hall, around a living room set, into a kitchen and stop at our Lead Investigator's feet – while all the residents and the only remote were in sight.


This is by no means a comprehensive list. This is a very generalized group of commonly reported experiences. 95% of these have been experienced by our own team – even the more bizarre ones

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This post has already been read 1047 times!