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Built as a tuberculosis hospital in 1910, it is believed the hospital has seen over 63,000 patients die within its walls.

Due to the lack of medical advances at the time, a large number of people died because of the TB infection. However, a lot of the deaths in the hospital were due to the supposed mistreatment and the questionable experimental procedures that were performed on the patients.

Due to the high number of deaths and mistreatment of patients, the number of reports of the paranormal is high. Its reputation as a haunted location was cemented after it featured on such shows as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.

Incredible footage of a small boy known as Tim was caught on film, walking across the hall. There have also been numerous reports of full-bodied apparitions, fleeting shadows, disembodied screams, footsteps, and voices.

Without a doubt, Waverly Hills is near the top of the ultimate scary places to visit in the US.

This post has already been read 80 times!