Train at Paris’ Montparnasse Station that derailed as it entered the station, 1895


The Granville-Paris Express came into the station at the Gare Montparnasse terminus a little too hot on October 22, 1895. It seems that the train’s conductor was trying to make up some time to keep the train on schedule, so he was going too fast as he approached the station. By the time the driver hit the brakes, it was too late. The train overran the buffer stop and smashed through the back wall of the station. When the dust cleared, the train was dangling from the station to the street below. Thankfully, all the passengers and crew on the train survived, but a passerby on the street below was killed when bricks fell on her. The train’s engine stayed nose down on the street for several days before the mess was cleaned up. Photography was a new hobby in the late 1800s, therefore amateur and professional photographers flocked to the scene to snap pics of the strange sight.

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