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The Glen Tavern Inn, Santa Paula

The Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula was built in 1911 in the old English Tudor style. It is a beautiful building, but it could be described as having a somewhat ugly past! The history of The Glen Tavern Inn is rich and colourful, with a large dose of dark and seedy moments. It is a fascinating building once frequented by the stars, which fell on hard times after prohibition was introduced  and the 3rd floor became a speakeasy, brothel and gambling den. It is this that is likely to have triggered the majority of the paranormal activity reported here.

The Glen Tavern Inn is one of the most haunted places in California and it is home to a number of different ghosts. One of the most well known hot spots is Room 307 which is said to be haunted by two ghosts, a cowboy known as Calvin and a prostitute.  Calvin is described as being tall and thin wearing a white short and sporting long hair and a goatee beard. He has been seen walking through walls and is often captured in photographs taken by guests. Calvin is believed to have been a man who was shot and killed during a card game back in the days when the 3rd floor of The Glen Tavern Inn was a gambling den. This tale is backed up by the discovery of a western style hat behind one of the walls during renovation. The hat featured two bullet holes and some blood stains.

The other spirit in the room is an unknown female who is believed to be a prostitute who was beheaded in the room. Her body was dumped in the closet and discovered by a maid. Her mist like form has been seen and people report sudden cold spots, knocks and disembodied voices. There have also been sightings of a child running through the corridors and the sound of children laughing.


This post has already been read 804 times!

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