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The Copper Queen Hotel, Bisbee

The Copper Queen Hotel has built up quite the reputation over the years as one of the most haunted places in Arizona. This is largely thanks to the building making its appearance on some popular paranormal television shows.

It is believed that the hotel plays host to three Arizona ghosts, the first of which is an older gentleman described as having long hair and a beard. He has been see wearing a top hat and cape and the staff and guests who have claimed to encounter him say that he is usually accompanied by the smell of cigar smoke. He generally makes an appearance on the fourth floor standing in the doorway of the rooms up there. He has occasionally appeared as just a shadow in some of the rooms. The hotel also has a little ghost boy who calls the building home. He apparently drowned in the San Pedro River, but his spirit is attached to The Copper Queen Hotel because his parents once worked there and it was a place that he felt at home. He has never been seen, but is frequently heard! Guests say that items in their rooms are moved and that they hear a little boy giggling and childlike footsteps running in the halls.

The third, and probably the most famous ghost at The Copper Queen Hotel is the spirit of a one time prostitute named Julia Lowell. She is believed to have used the hotel to visit with her clients, but she ended up falling in love with one of the men and when he told her he no longer wanted to see her she took her own life in the bathtub of her hotel room. Her presence is felt mostly in the west side of the building on the second and third floors. It is mostly men who encounter Julia’s spirit , he has been seen dancing in a provocative manner and male guests often feel her touching them in their sleep or even whispering in their ear! As a tribute to Julia, one of the rooms in the hotel is named after her.

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This post has already been read 1098 times!