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 Sweetwater Mansion, Florence

Sweetwater Mansion was designed by war veteran General John Brahan who owned over 4000 acres of land in Alabama. It was named after the nearby creek and was first occupied by the General’s son-in-law. Robert Patton. Over the years, the mansion’s basement has served as a Civil War hospital and as a county jail. There are also rumours that at one time, someone who lived their used one of the upper rooms to practice dark magic.

As you might expect based on some of the history, Sweetwater Mansion is considered to be among the most haunted places in Alabama. There are lots of tales of paranormal activity linked to the mansion. There have been many different apparitions reported in the grounds and one of the caretakers actually claims to have seen a casket containing the body of a Confederate soldier in one of the downstairs rooms only for it to disappear! This would actually make a great deal of sense since General Patton’s funeral was held in the home and his body would have been laid out in its coffin for viewing.

There is also a room in the property where female visitors are regularly locked inside! It is said that one former caretaker, a Ms Emmet Lettie Region, was so scared after being locked in there that for the rest of the time she worked there she lived in just 2 rooms. Another strange thing about Sweetwater Mansion is the mysterious ‘secret room’. This is a small room with no door which can only be accessed via a small interior window. It has been suggested that two sons of a former owner were buried in the floor of this secret room!

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This post has already been read 1367 times!