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Some time in the early 1800s, pioneer John Wrench engaged the services of the three Staley Brothers to build a flour mill. The finished structure was to become the first double wheeled mill in Ohio.

Business was great and after several years, Wrench had made enough money to retire and ended up selling his mill to Elias Staley. The mill was then passed down to his brother Andrew and continued to produce flour until 1905.

Today, the mill is still standing and Staley Road, named for the brothers winds its way passed and through the woods. It has become something of a right of passage for local teens to drive this road at night as a demonstration of their courage.

It has been said that ‘Old Man Staley’ went on a murderous rampage and is now haunting the road. Motorists say that they often experience unexplained car trouble and some have seen Staley’s ghost standing next to or even lying in the road!

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This post has already been read 593 times!