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Ravenswood is a grand mansion that was built in 1880 by Nadine and Charles Leonard. The Leonards were a couple who loved nothing more than entertaining. They would often string lanterns through the trees, hire an orchestra, and invite all of their friends to dance the night away.

Nadine remained in her beloved home until she died, aged 90 years old, and it seems that perhaps her spirit has never left.

After her death, a family servant tried to enter Nadine’s bedroom to collect some clothing, only to find the door locked from inside!

It was agreed that the lock would have to be broken, but by the time the servant returned with the required tools, the door was open!

Christmas ornaments are often thrown down the stairs, a broken music box randomly plays music despite not having worked for years, and some visitors say they can hear music and laughter from the lawns, reminiscent of Nadine’s lavish parties!

This post has already been read 44 times!