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Poltergeists Can be seen anytime but paranormal activity usually increase at dusk and can be found inside inhabited houses.

Poltergeists origin brings controversy as it is believed to be the remaining spirit people that once lived, or pure manifestation of subconscious psychokinetic projected by human being. In this case, those subjects are mainly in puberty and girls rather than boys. Indeed, most cases of poltergeist activity that have been registered appear to be linked to a person action as reveals a Gauld and Carnell collated recorded information about

Poltergeist activity from 1800 up until the late 1970's. They identified 63 different characteristics regarding poltergeists. 64% were asociated with movement of objects.

There are 5 levels out of the 63 different characteristics: First Level: Sense Attack: Early stages of a poltergeist activity revolve around human body basic senses. Individuals experiencing this stage may hear strange noises, through out the night. Or while walking through a room they may feel unexplained cold spots coming over there body, Also there pets should be watched.

Second Level: Communication: Noises, Smells and odors become more direct. The activity is still basic energy stage but everything is turned up a few notches. The encounters that were experienced in the first stage will change. Instead of hearing noises, the noises will change in whispers or giggles. Instead of feeling cold spot, cold air will rush through the room like the wind. Small marks like or symbols can be discovered on walls, floors or ceiling. Objects and furniture will begin to mysteriously move under their own power. Unseen hands throw small objects. This is a poltergeists way of communication.

Third Level: Electrical Control: This stage poltergeist going to let its presence felt. The difference first 2 levels you could say was mind playing tricks. But this one you can tell there is something really going on. This level is a clhappyic haunting falls into. People living in a house with a poltergeist that falls into this level start to become afraid. Fear takes over as the main emotion and feeds the poltergeist only yet making it stronger feeding it onto the next level.

Fourth Level: Trickery Stage: This stage is where the poltergeist gains momentum. The Poltergeist is developing at a more rapid rate. Always moving closer to the danger level, and continuing to pickup a clear sense of consciousness. At this stage objects start being thrown around or furniture shakes violently. Fires can start randomly. Unseen forces can have an effect of pushing you, you will hear foul language being shouted, windows mirrors shattered for no reason. Apparitions appear as frightening entities. This is where you will probably show the most fear. And what will make it stronger and feed it onto the next stage.

Fifth Level: Danger Stage: This is poltergeist highest stage, and should be considered Very dangerous. Life threatening actions should take part on this stage. The time frame here as with all of the stages will vary depending on the poltergeist, it could end in days, months or even years. Sometimes end of stage 5 the poltergeist will go dormant for an unknown period of time then start all over again at first level. This level does involve violent physical attacks involving biting, scratching, punching and yes sexual happyaults. Sharp objects can fly across the room injuring someone. Basically it will attack anyone who will invade its territory.

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This post has already been read 1039 times!