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In Scotland, Maryland is one of the most haunted locations in the state, Point Lookout Lighthouse. Point Lookout has been home to countless tragedies and disasters.

The area served as a prisoner of war camp, a hospital during the Civil War era, a hotel destroyed by a fire, and a lookout point during the Revolutionary War.

In 1830 construction on the Point Lookout Lighthouse completed and it became a functional lighthouse.

In the years since its construction the lighthouse has been home to an extraordinary amount of hauntings. A man in Civil War era clothing is one of the most frequently seen ghosts.

He is said to be in horrible physical shape, smells of gunpowder and mildew, and it is believed he was attempting to free himself from the Smallpox unit that once stood in the area.

Another ghost is that of an elderly woman who appears to be looking for something on the beach. It is believed she is looking for a missing gravestone.

Within the lighthouse people have captured voices on their recorders, ghosts of wounded Union soldiers have been spotted and temperatures drop dramatically.

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This post has already been read 2020 times!