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Palace Restaurant & Saloon, Prescott

The Palace Saloon in Prescott, AZ was first opened back in September of 1877. This was much more than just another drinking den. It was decorated in lavish and tasteful décor and stocked only the finest liqueurs imported from some of the most exotic locations all over the world. In short, it was a little bit more upmarket than most saloons of the time. However, in 1883 it was destroyed in a faire and the owner, one Robert Brow, had to rebuild. The new Palace Saloon was even grander than before and Brow invested money in a stone foundation, brick walls and a long bar. Unfortunately, it was again damaged by fire in 1900! The building that stands now was built in 1901 in a neoclassical revival style using iron, granite and ornamental bricks. This has made it an attractive prospect for Hollywood and it has been a filming location for a number of movies.

The movies are by no means the only claim to fame that the Palace Restaurant & Saloon has! It is also known for being one of the most haunted places in Arizona.One of the most well known ghosts to call the saloon home is a male spirit who goes by the name of Nevins. It is believed that in life he lost everything to the town’s Sheriff when he put up his mortuary business as collateral in a high stakes poker game! Now, whenever men play cards in the saloon, Nevins is said to make an appearance always looking for the chance to win back his property.

The hauntings date back as far as 1890 and current owner Dave Michelson has in his possession a photograph taken then which appears to show a ghostly spirit in the background! Dave also claims that glasses regularly fall from the rack for no apparent reason and other items including a plant and a mannequin have been pushed by unseen hands!

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This post has already been read 1460 times!