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Located in the most haunted state in America, Louisiana, and renowned as America’s most haunted plantation by paranormal experts worldwide, this stately old home was built in 1796.

Now an impeccable B&B, it is believed to house no fewer than 12 ghosts.

Visitors and staff have reported seeing a woman with curly hair who appears and disappears in a moment, the apparitions of children on the verandah, faces and figures in mirrors, mysterious handprints, strange sounds, cold spots, footsteps, and disembodied voices to name but a few.

Out of all the spirits that haunt the house and its grounds, the most famous is the ghost of a slave girl named Chloe.

She was executed by fellow slaves after a failed attempt at poisoning the house mistress. Her ghost is believed to have walked the grounds of the plantation ever since.

This post has already been read 74 times!