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MOON RIVER BREWING COMPANY, SAVANNAH – One of the most haunted places in Georgia is the Moon River Brewing Company. The famous microbrewery once served as the first guest house in Savannah – City Hotel.

The hotel opened back in 1821 and it was the scene of a wide variety of very unsavoury behaviour including, but not limited to violence, brawls, beatings and even shootings. This probably explains why the building now houses so many aggressive spirits who have been known to push patrons and even cut in line at the bar!

The basement is said to house a spirit who the staff have dubbed ‘Toby’. He is often seen in the basement area creeping through the shadows. There are cold spots and visitors often feel uncomfortable and claim to hear voices whispering in their ears!

The second floor also has spirit connected with it. This one is said to be the ghost of James Stark. The shooting of James Stark by town physician Philip Minas is a famous one and depending on who you ask he died right there on the stairs or in the kitchen.

Either way, his spirit is frequently seen on the second floor.

Other hotspots include the women’s rest room in the dining area where female customers often find themselves unable to leave the cubicle because of an unseen force holding the door closed.

Female diners have also claimed to have had their legs touched by unseen hands while eating. The upper floors are said to be the domain of a Lady in White who pushes people down the stairs.

Construction crews have also been chased out of the building by unseen forces. The building is so haunted that they even offer ghost tours from time to time.

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This post has already been read 1516 times!