Kids Seeing Spirits


Numerous horror movies use themes of innocence, purity and children to propel a story and enhance the fear factor. Children are, in some fables and cultures, known as the gatekeepers to the spirit world– they have access to the real world and the mysterious Other Side. When children claim to see ghosts and spirits, parents often brush it off as an overactive imagination. But the number of his cases are enough to have you wondering what it is that children see when they say such.

The story told by an anonymous mum goes that her son woke up and told her and her husband that grandfather was doing well. When asked to describe his grandfather, her son was able to paint out an unmistakable description of him, despite never seeing a photo of him or having talked about him. His grandfather had died years ago and had never been brought up in conversations, so it was a mystery that he knew him.

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