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JESSE JAMES FARM, KEARNEY —21216 Jesse James Farm Rd, Kearney, MO 64060

Almost everyone has heard of Jesse James, so it will be no surprise that the James Family’s farm has been the scene of a great deal of heartache and violence.

The farm is open for public tours, where visitors learn how Frank and Jesse James were raised there and how Jesse was beaten and almost hung by Union soldiers searching for his brother Frank.

His half brother was also killed on the farm by a bomb thrown by guards searching for Jesse and Frank.

Jesse was actually buried on the farm following his death, and his mother would charge visitors to come to visit his grave and take some pebbles from it. However, his Earthly remains were later relocated to Mt. Olive Cemetery.

That certainly hasn’t stopped the hauntings.

People have reported hearing horse hooves, gunshots, and even disembodied voices and whispers around the farm!

This post has already been read 26 times!