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The Jefferson Barracks in St Louis has been an active military site since 1826. Given its age and the fact that it adjoins the national cemetery, it is no surprise that it is said to be haunted!

The cemetery apparently has a little child ghost who wanders among the headstones. Two ghosts appear at sundown and acknowledge each other before vanishing again!

One is said to be in the clothing of a confederate soldier, while the other is wearing a Buffalo Soldier uniform – more specifically, the black troop.

In the barracks themselves, it seems to be the post headquarters where the paranormal activity is centered. One local soldier spotted a light coming on in one of the rooms one night and went over to the window to check it out.

When he looked inside, he saw a military officer in 19th-century dress, sitting at a desk writing by candlelight. He then stood up and vanished!

This post has already been read 32 times!