Jack the Ripper


We all know about the notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper, throughout the decade the story of this serial killer is being told all over the world. But what remains as a mystery is that we never know who is Jack the Ripper? The only thing that we know is in 1888, Jack the Ripper mutilated the bodies of at least five women in London. A series of letters purporting to be from Jack the Ripper was sent to police, mocking their efforts to discover him. (Whether any of them were written by Jack the Ripper is a point of contention among academics.) These letters gave rise to the moniker “Jack the Ripper.” Needless to say, the Ripper was never located, and scores of persons have been suggested as plausible suspects throughout the years. A recent book claimed that a lady called Lizzie Williams was the Jack the Ripper, but other Ripper specialists disagreed. It remains doubtful that the Ripper’s actual identity will ever be known for certain.

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