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The Marshall House Hotel is an authentic nineteenth-century hotel in the heart of Savannah’s historic district. It is known for offering luxury accommodation, but also for being one of the most haunted places in Georgia.

Guests have frequently reported seeing a young man holding his own severed arm and searching for someone who can help him to reattach it! There are also reports of men in civil war style clothing who wander the hotel.

Some guests assumed they were actors for some kind of re-enactment or another event, and were surprised to learn that no such event was taking place! During the civil war, the building was used as a makeshift hospital to treat hundreds of wounded soldiers, many of whom would have died on the premises.

This goes some way towards explaining the origins of these apparitions. It is also common for guests staying at the hotel to wake up with one arm outstretched as though a nurse is taking their pulse!

There is such a high volume of paranormal activity in the hotel that staff have begun keeping a journal where they record every instance of paranormal activity reported to them.

Aside from the apparitions and experiences listed above, it is also common to hear tapping, for taps to turn on by themselves, doorknobs to rattle for no reason and to hear children playing and running around as well as a few other unexplained things!

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