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Conducting a Ghost Hunt

Conducting a Ghost Hunt

Cemeteries and Haunted Houses

Arrive early with your necessary ghost hunting equipment and give yourself plenty of time to set everything up. Some of the equipment that you might want to use is a video camera, EMF detectors, 35 mm cameras loaded with brand new film and thermometers. Always remember to bring along plenty of flashlights. Don't forget to bring along some patience. Conducting a ghost hunt is a lot like fishing. You have to use patience!

Start by selecting a private room or a general area for a main base of operations. This base is where all monitoring should be done and it should not be an area where ghost activity is high. After the base has been selected, do a complete walkthrough of the general area. Check out every room and in graveyards walk around the tombstones in a 50-yard radius. Videotape the walkthrough if you are using video cameras. Make sure that you know the layout before you begin the ghost hunt. Get use to the area. The ghost hunt will go much better if everyone feels comfortable with the surroundings.

Use the EMF detectors to searching for anything out of the ordinary. If you do pick up EMF distortions or if you feel that there is an unearthly presence nearby take more photos. Just be aware that in cemeteries smooth glossy tombstone faces will reflect light from the flashlights or the cameras own flashes that could create strange light patterns in the pictures. Glhappy objects and mirrors will reflect light inside houses.

During the initial walkthrough or at any other time during the ghost hunt try not to unnecessarily touch or move objects. You should leave the natural environment alone. As you are doing the walkthrough in haunted houses hang up ghost catchers in doorways, between rooms or on staircases. If a ghost phappyes near the ghost catcher they will chime alerting anyone nearby.

If there are objects or pieces of furniture that have been reported to move put a chalk line or sticker on the floor next to these objects. If the objects happen to move you'll have a marker to judge and measure the exact distance.

Everyone participating in a ghost hunt should always know where the others are that way there isn't any confusion or misinterpretations. Sometimes handheld or headset radio communicators are good devices to stay in contact with the other ghost hunting members.

Always log every event that seems out of the ordinary, doors that lock, electrical problems, chandeliers swaying, strange lights, etc. Videotape everything for proof.

You can attach glow-in-the-dark or reflective tape to objects to help you with the layout or to mark special areas. They will be easier to see in the dark with the tape on them.

You don't need to turn off the lights inside of the haunted house to have ghosts appear unless it is vital to that particular ghost's appearance, and even then, leave some lights on for personal safety. Always have a couple mini spotlights ready for outside ghost hunts in case something happens and you need light fast.

Don't be afraid to experiment on ghost hunts. Ask the ghosts to appear. Put the video cameras on different settings. Try the EVP audio taping methods. Use anything that you think might have an effect on the ghosts. If nothing seems to be happening you might try to shake things up by playing religious music or by reciting prayers.

On any ghost hunt make sure to have packed plenty of snacks, drinks and maybe a board game. Ghost hunts can be long and tedious. You may have to spend several weeks inside at a haunted location before you experience anything strange. Patience is key!

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