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Vegas Baby

Vegas Baby

There are loads of ghost stories going around las vegas about haunted casinos and parks. Now, I'm not a big believer in ghosts, but neither do I deny their existence. At Foxridge park on Valle Verde in Las Vegas, there is said to be the ghost of a little boy who loves the swings. I've been there and I think it is true. After the sun went down, my husband and I and our two kids were the only ones there. My three year old daughter ran to the swings and we made her come back. She had hit the swing and made it sway side to side. After a few swings, it changed direction and swung front to back. The chain remained taught, as if someone was sitting in it. There was no wind and the swing next to it wasn't moving.

People say that sometimes you can see the boy and if you look into his eyes, they turn red and he takes on a demonic face.

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