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Human Flesh

The after effects of World War 2 plunged Germany into recession. During this time of desperation, money and food was short. At the same time, a strange tale was being spread by word of mouth through the streets of Berlin. It was said that a young woman had met and got chatting to a blind man at a rally, and at some point during the conversation he had asked her for a favour. The blind man wanted the young woman to deliver a letter to the house of a friend of his. The woman agreed, and took down the address of the house. She had become suspicious when after crossing the street; she had looked back over her shoulder to observe the blind man scurrying away into the crowds without the aide of his stick. Instead of delivering the letter, the woman went straight to the police.

The police raided the address that the letter was supposed to have been delivered to, and found heaps of human flesh that was ready for sale. After opening the letter, they found a note that read 'This is the last one I am sending you today'.


I have not been able to prove if this elaborate tale is authentic, but what I have found out is that it could be based on elements of truth. The legend has a backdrop of post war Berlin; Germany had just lost the war and the country was in turmoil. During these times work was scarce, and money even scarcer. It is possible that certain people would resort to cannibalism, and even capitalise on the situation by selling human flesh just to stay alive. It is also possible that this legend mutated from a piece of Nazi propaganda. During the war, rumours of Polish Jews killing young German girls for food were rife in Germany. Of course there has been no evidence of such atrocities.

There is, however, enough evidence to suggest that the sinister trade of selling human flesh and organs does exist. One report I read was investigating life after communism in the poverty stricken ex-soviet countries. There was one documented case from the Republic of Moldova, where a cleaner stole body parts that were ready for incineration and sold them to two local women. The woman then cut up the body parts into steak sized portions and sold them on the streets, selling them for half the usual price for meat of that size. One customer was suspicious, and the tests that followed proved that the meat was human. The Health Ministry launched an investigation.

Acts out of desperation and hunger of this kind have also been reported in other suppressed and poverty stricken countries. It is claimed that in North Korea, human flesh can be bought openly at a farmer's market. Apparently, another disturbing claim is that orphans are sold on the black market with the intent to be used as food. Although there are many dying of starvation in this communist state, the farmers have been ordered to stop growing food, and to grow opium instead. The opium is processed into heroin, and sold into the illegal drug trade abroad.

Final Thoughts

A piece of netlore has spread around the web lately in the form of a disturbing E-Mail. The E-Mail states that Web site are marketing human flesh for human consumption. To protest, you put your name on the petition at the bottom of the E-Mail and send it on.

Believe it or not, there is a Web site called, and they have marketed gourmet cuts of butchered human meat. But reportedly this was done as a hoax, and was only intended to be a joke!

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