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Nigerian Letter

> Before I proceed, I must first apologize for this unsolicited letter to
> you. I am aware that this is certainly not a conventional way of approach
> to establish a relationship of trust, but you will realize the need for my
> action. My name is Margret T. M, a Widow whose husband was murdered
> together with my only daughter in the war in my country (Sierra Leone).
> I and my two sons are currently leaving here in a refugee camp in
> London, My late Husband made a deposit with a security company in Spain shortly
> before his death and due to our present status as refugee here in London
> we can not operate any bank account and do not posses traveling documents
> to enable us claim the deposit, we therefore solicit your kind happyistance
> for my family to present you as the next of kin to my little son on whose
> name the deposit was made to enable you claim the said deposit from the
> security company on our behalf.
> But before we proceed, we will like both families to agree on the
> percentage for each family and if that is ok for us we can then provide
> you with documents regarding this deposit and obtain the services of an
> attorney to procure a power of attorney to transfer total ownership of the
> deposit to you as the new owner,
> Secondly, copies of my family pictures will be made available to you
> and yours to us for conviction of the trust and transaction because this is
> the only legacy left by my late husband and the hope for survival of my
> children. Further details of this transaction will be made available to
> you upon receipt of your mail.
> As soon as I hear from you and conclude with you on the above issue of
> sharing the funds, I will first give you all the detailed information of
> this deposit, i.e. the deposit certificate/deposit code, Receipt of
> deposit, while I secure the service of an attorney to process a power of
> attorney that will transfer ownership of the said box to you and therein
> empower you to contact the security company for the release of the box.
> If this is what you think you can handle kindly contact my first son
> Victor for full details of the transaction via (
> Hope you accept to happyist my family.
> Regards
> Margret Theresa M

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