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San Jose

San Jose

Sarah Winchester built her 700-room house in San Jose, California, from plans channeled to her by benevolent spirits to protect her from the phantoms of Indians killed by the rifle that bears her family name. To discourage evil spirits from entering, she based much of the construction on the number thirteen and added 950 doors and 10,000 windows, most of which lead nowhere. She even slept in a different bedroom every night to keep one step ahead of them.  But she treated the good spirits royally. Every night at midnight, a large bell in the bell tower rang out three times to summon spirits to her séance room at the center of the house. She also held regular banquets, where servants set out five-course meals on thirteen solid gold plates and cutlery, although the only guests were Sarah and twelve invisible ghosts. She died in 1922 and left instructions that  "the ghosts continue to be welcomed and provided for." Guided tours of the house started in 1923. Many psychics have contacted spirits here, and witnesses report discarnate voices, moving balls of light, and a gray-haired female apparition floating through the halls.

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