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Where to Look

Where to Look

These are some places you can start your ghost hunting at. These are suggestions and you should not limit yourself to just these, spirits can be anywhere. Don't let the age of a building or area fool you. The house I lived in for 29 years which had ghostly activity in for 26 years is only 70 years old but it is built on land that was settled and lived on in 1685. Also, remember, do not tresphappy.
* Cemeteries - The age of the cemetery doesn't matter but the older it is, the more time it has had to accumulate restless spirits. Why cemeteries? Well there are theories such as they are portals to the other side or that some spirits are drawn to their former bodies.

* Schools - Schools and former sites of schools may have the build up of psychic energies and imprints of all the highly emotional events that have transpired there.

* Theaters - The actors have run the gambit of human emotions inside the walls of a theater plus many have interesting hauntings attached to them.

* Battlefields - These are great locations simply because of their nature. Many violent deaths in one area will always hold some spirits and psychic energy there.

* Churches - There is a long history of the faithful returning to the church they worshipped at. They may be looking for the salvation they were promised and cannot find.

* Hotels/Motels/Boarding houses - Many dark dealing and highly emotional events take places in these rooms.

* Historic Locations - Many historic buildings, because of their age, have had more time to have spirits attach to it. These buildings are often open the public and can give you a easy place to start. Many even have known histories of hauntings and you may be able to gain access to the building after hours after speaking with the caretakers.

* Books on Local Haunted Places - This what I used at first to get into some places. They let an author publish the fact the place is haunted so there is a chance they may allow you in to take a look.

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