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Nashua, New Hampshire - Country Tavern

Nashua, New Hampshire - Country Tavern

         The ghost of Elizabeth Ford haunts this building, which dates from 1741. She was murdered by her sea captain husband, who returned after ten months at sea to find his wife had given birth. The enraged man is said to have buried the bodies of Elizabeth and her illegitimate child not far from the house. Elizabeth's playful ghost has been known to entertain children, help with housecleaning, and move small objects such as glasses, plates and knickknacks. She also likes to lift the hair of women in the ladies room and hide their personal possessions. Dozens of employees and customers have sensed her presence. Elizabeth's apparition has been seen in the upstairs dining room and staring out a window in a part of the building that used to be a barn. She is described as about 5-foot, 7-inches tall, with long white hair and wearing a flowing, white gown.

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