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Rockledge, Florida - Asheley's Restaurant

Rockledge, Florida - Asheley's Restaurant

         The ghost of a young girl, dressed in Roaring-Twenties clothing, haunts the ladies room here. Her likeness emerges from one of the stalls or appears in the mirrors. Several women have reported feeling a choking sensation when passing through the corridor to the Ladies Room. The ghost ventures to other places in the Tudor-style building, only to break dinnerware in the Kitchen, turn lights on and off in the Bar, or shove customers from behind in the Dining Room. She is thought to be either the spirit of Ethyl Allen, brutally murdered in a storage room here in the 1920s, or the ghost of a young woman who died in a car accident on Highway 1 in front of the restaurant. Dozens of employees and customers have reported apparitions over the years, and sightings have increased since 1979. A 1993 investigation documented a variety of phenomena, including a swirling mass of ghostlike energy recorded on a thermographic camera.

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