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November 29, 2020 ...


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In a rural place in Florida lies a superstitious gemstone to mediums, psychics, and paranormal researchers alike. Cassadaga is the spiritual capital of the world, however it only houses just under 3,000 residents, over 80% happen to be psychics, mediums and sensitive to the paranormal.

In a small cemetery with graves going back as far as the early 1900's (marked graves that is) holds a threshold many to believe to be a virtual portal to speak with the Devil. Ever since high school, I have heard acquaintances claim that family members and friends have died after sitting in the chair. At 12am, it is said if you sit in this chair, you can speak to or even feel the Prince of Darkness' presence. Being a paranormal investigator, I set out to see just what the place is about.

The feel of this place was just eerie, I felt like as if I shouldn't be there. While there I conducted a SB7 spirit box session and picked up a weird voice and what sounded like a growl. This place is HEAVILY protected at night cause of vandalism and pranksters, sad to see that they did a number on the place already throughout the years.

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