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The Curse of the Pharaohs

The Curse of the Pharaohs

When the Tomb of Tutankhamen was opened in February 1923, Howard Carter and Lord Carnavron had  sparked a new age of Egyptology in the 20th century. Tutankhamen’s tomb was unique for several reasons, primarily because it did not resemble a typical Pharaoh’s tomb. It was far too small and not decorated enough, almost appearing as if it was rushed or had been intended for a private individual. The only decorated chamber was that which held his sarcophagus. Two of his four shrines had been left sealed – his tomb hadn’t been opened since the days of antiquity, which also made it unique.

In April 1923, Lord Carnavron died from an infected Malaria wound which he had first received while in Egypt. Several other members of the original exploration team died in the months following the tomb’s opening but this was merely coincidence. However, it was enough to spark rumours that the tomb was cursed, which the horror movie industry promptly clung to for several years. In reality, some tombs were ‘cursed’ to ward off would-be grave robbers as noted on hieroglyphics – but Tutankhamen’s tomb wasn’t one of them.

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