Hollywood Sign Ghost Lady in White


Peg Entwistle was born in Port Talbot, South Wales in 1908. Her mother died when she was still a young girl resulting in her father uprooting the whole family and moving to the America.

After a short while of living in New York Peg’s father got remarried and had two sons named Robert and Milton. Unfortunately he did not get to spend much time with this new family – he was killed in a traffic accident on Park Avenue.

After their father’s death, Peg’s brothers went to live with their Uncle Harold. Peg had dreams of becoming a famous actress so she decided to remain in New York to search for fame and fortune.

When she was just 17 she managed to land a part with the Boston Repertory Company. She then went on to work in the prestigious Theater Guild productions of Broadway.

Robert Keith
In early 1927 Peg met Robert Keith and they wed later that same year. Keith was 10 years her senior and she knew little about his past.

Within months Peg found out that Keith had actually been married before and even had a 6 year old son. He had never mentioned any of this to Peg before they decided to tie the knot!

Peg decided that the marriage was now nothing more than a sham so she began divorce proceedings with her husband.

During these divorce proceedings Keith got in even more trouble when his wife turned up to claim the back alimony payments he owed. He faced jail time but Peg stepped in to pay the fees for him…but that did not stop the divorce from going through.

Through 1931 Peg saw great success through stage productions of Getting Married and Alice-Sit-by-The-Fire.

Unfortunately, in 1932 she noticed that the work was starting to dry up a little bit and slowly sunk into a cloud of depression. She packed up her bags and headed to Hollywood to see if she could reignite her career.

She eventually moved in with her Uncle Harold at 2428 Beachwood Canyon Drive in Hollywood. She was running desperately low on savings and he was the only free option she could think of.

After moving in with her uncle she picked up a stage part with with Billie Burke in The Mad Hopes. Unfortunately the play shut down after a short while and she again found herself out of work.

About a month later the might of RKO came calling at her door with a part in the murder mystery Thirteen Women starring Irene Dunne. This was a huge part and Peg finally believed she was on the road to stardom.

Unfortunately the screening of the film received terrible critic reviews so the film company withdrew it to re-edit the master copy. She was eventually dropped from RKO’s payroll and the depression crept into her life once again.

On September 18, 1932, Peg decided to hit the bottle big time. She drunk huge amounts of alcohol then told her Uncle Harold she was off for a long walk down Beachwood Drive.

Instead of Beachwood Drive she opted to climb the rocky slope of Mt. Lee until she reached the famous Hollywood sign.

She removed her coat and placed her bag containing a suicide note on top of it. She then climbed the ladder which led to the large ‘H’ and threw herself off.

Peg was only 24 years of age when she committed suicide.

The Ghost of Peg
In the years following Peg’s suicide, the Hollywood sign ghost lady in white has been spotted on numerous occasions. Hikers and park rangers in Griffith Park have constantly reported incidents of paranormal activity.

There have been numerous reports of a sad lady walking around the area in 1930’s clothing. All the descriptions seem to be the same – young, attractive and blonde.

In 1990 a young couple were taking a stroll on a Beachwood Canyon trail near the Hollywood sign with their dog. Without warning the dog began to bark furiously at the wooded area.

They looked around and noticed a young lady dressed in old fashioned clothing walking through the trees. She had a look of complete sadness on her face and didn’t notice the couple nearby.

They followed the young lady’s path until suddenly she disappeared into thin air.

Griffith park ranger John Arbogast has claimed to have encountered the spirit of Peg on numerous occasions. He says that she makes a point of showing herself to him late at night.

He also claimed to have encountered the scent of gardenias in the area as well ( Peg’s trademark perfume! ).

Arbogast is also in charge of the maintenance to motion detectors attached to the Hollywood sign. He claims that they continually register someone being in the area when checks reveal that there is nobody there.

In an interview he claimed:

“There have been times when I have been at the sign and the motion detectors say that someone is standing five feet away from me… only there’s nobody there.”

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