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The Glenn Dale Hospital in Maryland opened its doors in the 1930s to treat and house people who suffered from tuberculosis. Adults and children called the hospital home for decades.

The adults and children were located in different areas of the hospital. There are also narrow tunnels under the hospital.

Stories say that when Glenn Dale was a functioning facility the patients endured torture and experimental treatments. Eventually in 1984 the hospital was closed.

People brave enough to investigate the hospital have reported hearing strange noises, yelling, banging, and even laughter. Others have reported smelling burning flesh.

The ghosts of patients as well as dogs have been seen.

One of the saddest stories is attached to a man seen in a straightjacket in one of the rooms.

It is believed he killed himself after being unable to live with the guilt of not saving the family he watched get murdered.

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This post has already been read 355 times!