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Ghost Coffins are when coffins which have been sealed inside crypts for some reason are able to move themselves. These coffins are heavy, lead coffins that would require more than one person to shift them.

The coffins are often found in dissaray as if they had been thrown around by a violent force. The coffins are restored to their original positions only to be found in disarray when the vaults are reopened.

In a couple of cases it has been found that the movement was caused by the crypts flooding. But aside from that no other logical reason has been found.

Some people have theorized that the coffins are disturbed by poltergeists or ghosts. Some people say it is the dead who are unhappy about where they are buried.

Others think it may be caused by the dead who for whatever reasons do not want to be placed in the same vaults as another particular person.

It has also often been found that these disturbances of ghost coffins often occur in vaults where one of the buried committed suicide.

This post has already been read 437 times!

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