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Ghost Calls from the the dead seems to be a random event. Most of ghost calls are between people who are related as family members.

The ghost calls are usually initiated by the deceased wishing to impart a farewell message. Many ghost calls take place on days of importance such as mothers day or birthdays.

People who have recieved phone calls from the dead report that the voices are exactly the same as when the person was living. The telephone rings normally but the connection is usually bad with static.

The voice of the deceased tends to grow fainter as the call progresses. Somtimes the voice fades away completely.

Ghost calls usually occur when you are in a phappyive state of mind. In some very interesting cases the call is placed long distance and connected by an operator. Checks with the telephone company turned up no evidence of a call on there records.

Phone calls are sometimes placed to the dead as well. A person places a call to someone only to find out later that the person was already dead at the time of the call. In ghost calls the deceased usually imply that there is little time to talk.

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This post has already been read 2711 times!