Please understand we are interested in content of words spoken, more so than just plain recordings. We work with EVP to gain information. Because of this many of our EVPs will be filtered using Cooledit.

14thshouldhappen – Taken from the 14th st cemetery – You boy says I could happen. This was in answer to Marks question- I wonder if we will see anything tonight.


ACTUNG – Recorded at the Red Cross House in Los Angeles. My Friend Kris was walking. The EVP is German.


Darkpastmy – Recorded at the Central Ave Cemetery – The EVP is the High Pitched voice agreeing with my friend Leslie about it being late past her bed time.


Don’t_turn_around – Recorded by my friend Kris at the Santa Ana cemetery – The EVP is at the end – Don’t turn around.


Doyouhearsus – Recorded at my work the EVP says – Richard do you hear us now.


Getusout – Recorded at the Santa Ana Cemetery – The EVP is just a simple Get Us Out.


Ggweredying – Recorded at the Walt Disney Garage in Garden Grove Ca – This is where Walt Disney did his first movie. The EVP is a Hi Pitched – Were Dying


Hearus – Recorded in Cerritos – I feel the EVP talking – YES! I do feel shit! The EVP is of a woman she says – Hear US. This woman has been see at work & talks to a few people in the early morning hours.


Hearussa – Recorded in Santa Ana. Yes again I feel the voice and the EVP is very clear.


Helpus – Recorded in Santa Ana – EVP says Help US


Hersdolow – Recorded in Santa Ana – Clear EVP woman.


Howyoubeen – Recorded in Riverside – The EVP asks Mark & I how you been. The Riverside cemetery is a place where we go at least 2 times a month. They know us and walk along with us when we record. Ya! I know sounds crazy but true…Very active place but friendly!


Ifyouthere – Recorded in Santa Ana – The EVP will cry out with a spooky sound. I did not like the feeling I got at the time.